Attorneys, mag. Maja Koršič Potočnik and Maja Prebil were both program managers of this important event in the field of construction law. They both delivered lectures.

The subject of the expert debate were current, interesting, problem- and practically-oriented issues. Main highlights of the conference were as follows:

  • New Special Building Customs 2020;
  • Construction Act (GZ-1);
  • current issues;
  • Online-business in the process of obtaining building permits (eBuilding);
  • Price increases in construction contracts;
  • Direct payments to subcontractors;
  • Cooperation with subcontractors in the tender submission process in public procurement procedures;
  • Cost accounting and measurement of works;
  • The difference between design and construction supervision;
  • All open dilemmas regarding written documentation in construction projects;
  • Review of case law in the field of construction law;
  • What falls under the solidity of construction and a 10-year warranty period for defects;
  • Five spatial planning problems;
  • Useful value of letters of credit.

The two-day conference was held on Zoom. More information available at: (v organizaciji Uradni list Republike Slovenije, d.o.o. in Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije)