Year 2020 was the year of numerous expert lectures and trainings performed by attorneys Maja Koršič Potočnik and Maja Prebil. Both of them are expertly trained lecturers, drawing their knowledge and experience from daily legal practice, resulting in their ability to impart knowledge to the audience in an understandable and useful way. They both lecture about expert topics, which they are specialized in, namely public procurement, construction law and FIDIC.

The epidemic has required the transition of in-person trainings to an online environment. The engineers from the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers thus had the opportunity to attend and to participate in their 25 trainings from office, home or construction site.

Throughout the year 2020 both lecturers cooperated and lectured in the educational courses and trainings, organized by Uradni list Republike Slovenije, d.o.o. In 2020 the 4th Seminar of Public Procurement Practice (May 2020) and the 9th Congress of Public Procurement (September 2020) were organized, where both lecturers also participated as program managers.

Maja Prebil joined the CARE4CLIMATE project. With her proficiency and innovative approach, she strives to provide key stakeholders with effective and efficient knowledge in the field of green public procurement.

Mag. Maja Koršič Potočnik also lectured to students at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana.

New Special Building Customs 2020 were adopted. Both Maja’s participated in an expert group that drafted its text.